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by William Shakespeare

Playing throughout October, 2016 at Seven Stages, Atlanta


Seven actresses in an empty space play 21 characters in this all-female production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy.

Folding Chair Classical Theatre brings AS YOU LIKE IT to life with its signature fast-paced, minimalist style that strips the play down to its raw essence. We invite you to join us.

Praise for Folding Chair Classical Theatre

“Completely delightful … a fast-paced, highly enjoyable little Midsummer. Best $18 I’ve spent on entertainment in ages.” – Shuttleworth on Shakespeare, Lincoln Center’s Shakespeare blog, on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, 2011

“A lovely evening in the theater that leaves one with a smile and a longing for a boilermaker or at least a pint of Guinness.” - offoffonline.com on “The Weir”, 2010

“Fresh, gutsy, and exciting … another jewel in Folding Chair’s crown.” – New Theater Corps, the blog of PBS’s “Theater Talk”, on “Cymbeline”, 2008

“A thoroughly enjoyable production.” - nytheatre.com on “Pericles”, 2009

“[A] bracing revival…the entire cast delivers with passion and intelligence.” – Back Stage on Folding Chair’s production of “Our Country’s Good”, 2008

“Superbly directed and acted…a cast that will wow you.” – New Theater Corps, the blog of PBS’s “Theater Talk”, on “Our Country’s Good”, 2008

“Takes each moment and allows it to spiral into chaos – and brings the audience with it, thrilled and horrified.” – The Happiest Medium.com on “The Duchess of Malfi”, 2009

“Passionately works [its] way through the many layers of the play. … This is a wonderful production.” - nytheatre.com on “Benefactors”, 2008

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