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MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TO Folding Chair Classical Theatre, Inc., and join our list of generous supporters, below.

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Folding Chair Classical Theatre
ATTN: Marcus Geduld
3450 Miller Drive #1107
Atlanta, GA 30341

Donors will be listed under the following categories in our programs and on this site (unless you specify that you’d rather not be listed):

Greater Gods ($1000 plus)
Demi-gods ($500 plus)
Muse ($250 plus)
Hero (up to $249)

Folding Chair Classical Theatre is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) company. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



DEMI-GODS ($500+)

Local Zero Productions Ltd.
Robert and Penelope Strand
Harry and Carolyn Geduld
Marcus Geduld and Lisa Blankenship

Career Gear
(Career Gear donates interview clothing to men who are trying to enter the workforce. For more information, visit

Bodysmart Personal Training
(Bodysmart helps people of all fitness levels and abilities tone up, trim down, and improve their health. Visit

MUSES ($250+)

Conrado Tenaglia and Juana Libedinsky

HEROES (up to $249)

Nancy R. Bogen-Greissle
and Arnold Greissle Schönberg,
Stephanie Braxton, Thomas and Barbara Dozier, Elinor T. Fine,
Lolita Christina Foster, David Freiman,
Tom Kee, Karen Kohlhaas, Elisa Legón,
William and Virginia Manczuk,
Ellen Mayer, Bill and Helen Morrison,
Dick and Gail Ogle,
Kenneth J. Pfaehler, Sana Reynolds,
Jon Ritter and Becky Hubbert,
Iris Rose, George Sherman, Sun Productions, Vivien C. Tartter, Alice Wait

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