The Weir

We performed Conor McPherson’s “The Weir” at NYC’s Access Theatre in November of 2010. The cast included Lisa Blankenship (Valerie), Gowan Campbell (Jim), Richard Ryan Cowden (Finbar), Ian Gould* (Brendan) and Angus Hepburn* (Jack).

The production was directed by Marcus Geduld and stage managed by Beth Hud.

Angus Hepurn, Ian Gould and Gowan Campbell as Jim, Brendan and Jack
Cast of "The Weir"
Gowan Campbell as Jim
Cast of "The Weir"
Angus Hepburn, Ian Gould, Richard Ryan Cowden and Lisa Blankenship as Jack, Brendan, Finbar and Valerie
* Member, Actors’ Equity Association.

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